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Is It Possible for the Debtor to Get a Loan in the Philippines?

Unfortunately, no one is immune to the job loss, serious illness and other troubles. It is especially sad when the main earner of funds in the family loses his job. It is even worse when the debt to the bank hangs on the family. Such a situation, in essence, is a debt pit. If there is an acute need for a certain amount of money, then it is unlikely that any of the banks would agree to issue a loan. What should people with a bad credit history do? Is it possible to get a loan to a debtor? The Philippines is one of the countries that have suffered greatly from the economic crisis.

How can people get on the list of debtors in a credit bureau?

Many ordinary people are sure that the debtors are to blame for the current situation – no need, they say, to get into debt. But from the outside, everything always seems simple to everyone, but in reality it is much more complicated.

In the list of debtors people get in the presence of unpaid loans. The reasons for loss of solvency vary greatly, the most common among them:

  • Loss of work due to reductions, reorganization and other changes at the employer;
  • Long-term expensive treatment;
  • Severe illness or other difficult life situations with close relatives.

Also, debt may arise without a loan. More precisely, the borrower does not know that a loan was issued for him. This is often done by fraudsters, using other people’s documents and external similarities to obtain large loans in various financial institutions.

Frauds with applying for a loan

Some intruders manage to arrange several loans for one person at a time, and he finds out about them when the first penalties begin to accrue. Of course, during the investigation, the victim’s innocence will be established, and he will be rehabilitated, but all this time his name will be listed among unscrupulous borrowers. What to do if during this period he needs money? Is it possible in principle to rely on assistance in obtaining a loan with a bad credit history?

The Philippines suffer not only from the effects of the economic crisis, but also a high level of credit scammers and swindlers. They, or actions that can be regarded as fraudulent, can also lead a person to the so-called black list. These actions include:

  • Fraud or its attempt towards the bank;
  • Making a loan to another person;
  • Transactions inconsistent with the bank with a pledge;
  • The use of targeted funds for other purposes;
  • The presence of an unfinished transaction.

In any case, in case of disputes, difficult financial circumstances, it is better to contact the lender and try to solve everything peacefully. But if the peaceful solution is still far away, are there any organizations that are ready to provide 100% assistance in obtaining a loan with a bad credit history in the Philippines? It turns out that a loan can be issued not only by banks.

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Security Measures When Using Credit Cards and Apply for Loans

In the modern age, people more and more use electronic money instead of paper. That is why simple robbery goes to the past. Now people are afraid that someone can use their credit card or break out the paying system and steal money from the bank account.  What are the possible measures to protect yourself from losing money?

How to find a bank card number?

If suddenly there is a need to clarify the numbers of valid credit cards, then the easiest way is to look at them on the card itself. If for some reason there is no such possibility, then you can use the online banking service on the website of the corresponding service. This will be possible only if you are the cardholder.

To do this, you need to log in and, logging in to your account, find the forgotten number and all other necessary details, except for the security code. Only the owner of the credit card should know this code. Similarly, you can see the desired number in the terminal or ATM. After authorization, you need to select the “Settings” menu, and then “Details”. And the last way is to go to the bank branch with a passport and get the necessary information from the cashier operator.

To sum up, you can:

  • Look at the card
  • Online at the banking service
  • Bank office

Caution – scammers! How to protect yourself?

Those who want to steal money have always existed. Lately, the fraudsters have once again become more active and have begun to hunt for skimming. By installing their equipment on ATMs, they read the data from the cards and record a PIN-code with a hidden video camera. Visa credit card number with details, as well as MasterCard credit card number, will become a tasty morsel for scammers.

Be careful. If the ATM is suspicious, it is better to abandon the operation. Try to cover the keyboard of the banking equipment when you enter the code. Never, under any circumstances, pass the details to friends, acquaintances and even relatives.

Some fraudsters disguise themselves as online stores, various services and require the registration to indicate the number of valid Visa credit cards or any other banking systems. It is difficult to determine exactly who is who, offhand, but you can resort to the help of services that will help generate a test card number.

Do not try to enter random numbers yourself – it will not help. Here you need a professional approach and knowledge of the structure of bank numbers. Any payment system and banking institutions are trying to protect themselves and their customers as much as possible from the possible risks of card transactions. If the owners of the banking product comply with the basic safety rules, such risks can be avoided. We tried to tell as much as possible in the article all about the numbers of valid credit cards and we hope that everyone has found something useful in it.

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Credit Card

Credit Card: What Do You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice?

The credit card of the Philippines is a kind of bank loan for consumer needs. As a rule, the card is issued for three years, during which its owner can make purchases and pay for services at retail outlets-partners of the issuing bank. Many banks provide this service without commission within a certain period. If you are not familiar with the work of credit cards and you are choosing the first one, read thus useful article http s://

What can you learn from credit card numbers?

All plastic products of the bank, without exception, have a credit card number, and it is as individual and unique as fingerprints. This number contains a set of numbers in which the data about the card itself and about its owner is encoded. The six first digits, in order, are used to identify the bank by card type, which is assigned by the payment system. This group of numbers is also called BIN-code. The remaining ten may include a variety of data defined by the bank:

  • the presence of a chip,
  • the nature of the currency,
  • a bank branch, etc.

Bank card numbers can be applied to plastic in two ways. The simplest and most common when the numbers are simply printed by a certain coloring composition. Sometimes, to make the card look more impressive, financial institutions use embossing. When using this method, the number looks like inlay, slightly protruding above the surface. Both versions of the image numbers are reliable and valid.

All users of credit cards, making out a banking product, receive from the manager detailed information about it. In addition, a memo is always handed over for use, but sometimes the question arises as to what is the number of any credit card and where it is located.

The card number is indicated on its front side. Here you can also see the date of the card’s validity and, on the reverse side, find the three-digit verification code. Do not confuse a plastic card number with a bank account. The account is listed in the documents on the card, not on it.

Variety of credit cards. How to make a choice?

If we talk about what credit card numbers, then it should be noted that Visa and MasterCard banking products include a 16-digit number, divided into sectors of four in each. These are the most popular credit cards among users of the Philippines. They make it possible to use credit funds, both at home and almost everywhere abroad.

Sometimes you can still find a visa number on a 13-digit credit card, but this is extremely rare. There are cards in 15 digital icons from three sectors – this is American Express. But with nineteen signs, credit cards are issued, as a rule, as additional to the main credit programs.

By the first number of the number you can understand which payment system the credit card belongs to. The number 3 indicates that this credit card belongs to the American Express system. If the first four flaunts, then the card from Visa. A MasterCard bank card number will start with a five.

Further decoding of the values ​​does not matter much for the owners of bank plastic and those who replenish the credit account for them, since this information concerns the details of the lender, the banking program, etc.

How exactly the card number is generated, for security reasons, banks do not disclose. This information may attract the attention of people who are “unclean”. However, even if it is assumed that the attacker will be able to decrypt the encoded information, he will not be able to conduct the transaction without personal verification code of the cardholder. Therefore, if you are offered to transfer money to a credit card and ask: “Give a credit card number”, you can safely say it.

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